About Us
Welcome to Óbidos Village

Óbidos Village Guesthouse is owned by a family dream team: Carlos, Tânia & Cátia. After working in different areas, we finally decided to return to our roots and share the traditional Portuguese way of living with you. Located in the Silver Coast, we are lucky to have both the ocean and green landscapes in our backyard.

Our concept

You can count on the peacefulness of our rural village Olho Marinho to allow you to unwind and get back into your body. Surf and Yoga are the tools that will guide you there and complete your experience. Naturally, we will serve you typical dishes based on healthy local ingredients and welcome you to our cozy Guesthouse. So come, find back to yourself and get to know the Portuguese life at Óbidos Village Guesthouse. We can’ wait to see you here!


Passionate about teaching surfing, our certified instructors will make sure that you have the best learning experience possible promissing professionalism, fun and progress. The lessons are specifically designed for your level. The surf conditions are suitable for beginners and advanced surfers in the best localization in Portugal: Peniche, the European capital of the waves.


Practicing Yoga will help you to harmonize your spirit, improve the sense of balance of body and mind and increase the awareness of your body. Yoga is perfect to start your day and to prepare you to surf. Our morning classes are essentially focused on the syncronisation of the breathing with the postures and the evening classes are restorative, calming and restful after an active and fulfilling day.


Hiking keeps you present by the simplicity to walk and be present with every step you take. It elevates your senses and make you notice the beauty of the surroundings putting nature into perspective. Hiking is a great and increasingly rare opportunity to get in touch with nature. It’s a pertinent reminder of how small we are and how beautiful and vast our world is. We’re inviting you to a sense of adventure and exploring new places.

Stand-up Paddle

The definition of being at one with nature. The instrucors will teach you how to keep your balance on your board on top of the gorgeous and unique Óbidos Lagoon. Improve your physical abilities, promote an heatly and active lifestyle and raise your awareness to respect nature using your body and mind.


Surrounded by wonderfull places, we want nothing more than you to discover and explore them all. Visiting the Óbidos castel is one of the tours that we provide. We also offer you the chance to ride trough caves and waterfalls with our brand news bikes. Several activities will be proposed to you during your stay.

healthy food

Healthy and yummi food is our priority. Made with love, all of our meals are prepared with fresh products from the local markets or our garden. We want you to discover typical Portuguese food. Recharging your body and soul is one of our missions. We can easily adapt our meals to the different requirements of our clients.